Chapter 30: Christmas

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Christmas day soon arrived. It was Ellie's other favorite holiday. Chace had slept over, Annie went to her moms. Ellie woke and realized it was Christmas. She jumped out of bed and ran to Jesse and John's room, Chace was also sleeping there on the floor. She jumped on John's bed.

"Wake up! Wake up! Its Christmas!" yelled Ellie.

John sighed. Chace and Jesse sighed and moaned to.

"Come on!" she yelled.

"Go bother TJ and Luke" said John.

"Fine by me" she said running out.

"God will she ever stop doing this?" asked Jesse.

"Shut up and go to bed" said Chace.

Ellie ran into Luke's and TJ's room.

"Wake up! Its Christmas!" she yelled.

She jumped on Luke's bed.

"Ellie" he said.

"Come!" she complained.

"Go bother John" said TJ.

"I already bothered them" said Ellie.

"Well then go bother Will" said Luke.

She left. They rolled back over and fell asleep.

She into Will's room.

"Will! Its Christmas!" she yelled.

"Really I didn't know" he said sarcastically.

"Come on, no will wake up" said Ellie.

"Thats because its 7am" said Will.

"But its Christmas" said Ellie.

"Go back to bed for another hour" said Will.

"Another hour?" questioned Ellie.

"Yes" said Will.

Ellie sighed and left.

She was about to go down stairs, but there was a note that read, Elizabeth Jane don't you dare come downstairs, till 8am, and DON'T go in the living - Mom.

Ellie sighed, she went to back to John and Jesse's room. She stood in the door, hoping they would wake up.

John opened his eyes a little.

"Ellie" he said.

"Pleaseeeee" she said.

"No, go back to bed" said John.

"You guys are such butts" said Ellie.

"Good to know" said Chace with a smirk.

"You are awake now, so whats so wrong with just getting up" said Ellie.

"Ellie its 7am, and we are sleeping thats why" said Jesse.

"Don't you like Christmas?" asked Ellie.

"I love Christmas, but not at 7am!" said John.

"Whats so early about 7am?" asked Ellie.

"Just go back to bed" said Jesse.

"What if I don't" said Ellie.

"Not today Ellie" said Chace.

"Grrr" said Ellie.

Luke heard everything and got up.

"What are you doing?" questioned TJ.

"Going to get Ellie" said Luke.

"Why?" asked TJ.

"Because she is going to piss everyone off on Christmas morning" said Luke.

"Too late" said TJ.

Luke got up and walked slowly to Ellie. He grabbed her around the waist.

"Lets go Ellie" said Luke.

"Thank you" said John.

"Your up!" she said.

"Yep" said Luke.

Chace then got up.

"What are you doing?" asked Jesse.

"I'm wide awake now, and not going to be able to fall back asleep" said Chace.

"You do know that was her whole plan" said John.

"Ya, I know" said Chace getting up and going to Ellie's room, where Luke and Ellie were.

"Dam it" said Jesse, "He is right, how the hell am I going to fall back to sleep?"

"I would if you would shut up" said John.

Jesse threw a pillow at him and went to Ellie's room.

TJ also got up, realizing he could not fall back to sleep.

Then eventually John got up to. They were all in Ellie's room.

"Whats that smirk for?" asked TJ.

"I got you all up, without evening trying" said Ellie.

 They smiled. John threw a pillow at her.

"We are still missing someone" said Ellie.

They looked around. Ellie rolled her eyes.

"Will" said Ellie.

"Right" said Chace, "Time for awake up call"

They all ran into his room with pillows, Jumped on his bed and started hitting him with pillows and yelling.

"Guys cut it out!" he yelled.

Meanwhile downstairs. Nancy and Edward awoke.

"What on earth are they doing?" asked Nancy.

Edward sighed.

"Well I guess we are up now" said Edward.

"I bet Elizabeth Jane started this one" said Nancy.

"Thats for sure" said Edward.

They got up and got coffee. Pretty soon after they beat up Will, they all crept down the stairs. They started to open gifts. They were soon done. Edward nodded at Chace, who quietly left the room and came back with a box.

"Last gift" said Edward.

"Who is it for?" asked Will.

"Elizabeth Jane" said Nancy.

Ellie smiled.

Chace put the box down, they all knew except Will, because they knew he could not keep it a secret. Ellie opened it. There was a yellow lab puppy, that popped out.

Ellie got the biggest suprised smile.

"AW!" she yelled as she picked it up. It immediatly started to lick her face and wag its tall.

They all were laughing and smiling.

"So how about a name?" asked TJ.

Ellie thought for a moment then came up with it.

"Winnie!" she said.

They all smiled.

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