Part 50

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"Are you okay?" Liam came to my bunk and asked me "I'll be fine" I said as I let a tear drop from my eye "give me a hug" he said reaching his arms out. I gave him a hug " I need sleep" I said as I turned around and closed my eyes. ~Harrys POV~ "where is she?" I asked the boys as I walked into the room they was playing Fifa in "sleeping" liam said "you really need to fucking tell her" Niall said "tell her what?" I replied confused "that you have feelings for her!" He said looking into my eyes "it's too late" I said in a sad tone "it's never too late" zayn said when he walked in the room I took a deep breath "I'll tell her tonight" I said as I sat down "let me play?" I asked liam who was playing louis "if you make me loose I'll kill you" Liam said laughing "I won't. I'll beat louis' ass" I said laughing

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