Part 16

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It had been 2 weeks since me and harry had gone to dinner together, since then we have gotten closer and was seeing eachother more. Wouldn't last long because he's going on tour soon and I would be all on my own again! "Wanna go bowling?" Harry texted me saying, I had to look after Cameron because my mum and dad were both at work and Katie was back at school ~Harrys POV~ "I'm with Cameron but you're free to come over" she said texting me back, who the hell was Cameron? Why didn't she tell me anything about this guy? I thought to myself "no, you and Cameron have fun" I texted her back saying "you sure?" She replied "yeah" I said. Why hasn't she ever told me about him? Who was he? Was he her boyfriend? She never told me. "Harry wanna go shopping with me?" Gemma asked walking into my room "I'm not in the mood" I replied turning my head, she didn't ask what was wrong with me, she just walked out the room.

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