Part 9

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"Can you pick me up from town in about 20 minutes" Katie said via text.. I sighed because I was in my pjs and didn't really want to change "your paying for petrol" I texted her back saying, I got changed into tracksuit bottoms and a jumper then got my keys and headed out the door. Katie told me to meet her outside Starbucks so I parked my car and got out to meet her. I sat on the bench next to Starbucks for about 4 minutes when I heard a voice "(y/n)" he said I looked around and saw harry walking towards me, I quickly got up and walked away "(y/n) wait" harry said running towards me "what?" I shouted and turned around "please let me explain" he said "explain what? How you left me? How you made me do drugs and alcohol? How you made me feel shit about myself? Go on explain" I shouted at him "you still have it" he said "have what?" I asked " the box" he said I just took there frozen "no" I replied walking away "I know you do" he said grabbing my wrist and pulling me back "what the fuck do you want" I shouted at him "I miss you" he said folding my hands "and I MISSED you, missed you. I missed you for 4 fucking years" I shouted at him "it just went so quickly, I didn't know I wouldn't be coming home at all... I've not even seen my mum that much" he said "I have to go" I said as I felt tear drops fall down my cheek. "I have to meet Katie" I said walking "it was all a set up, Katie sent you here so me and you could talk" harry said. I stopped and looked at him "there's nothing to talk about" I said before then running to my car and driving off home

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