Part 3

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I got the rest of the bits I needed and headed to the till to pay "there you are" Katie said walking towards me "we've been looking for you all around the shop" Courtney said laughing "well you found me now" I said as I handed the cash the the cashier ~at home~ We got in the door, I put all the food away and went to my room and unpacked my suitcase... It was still the same from when I left it which was surprising cause Katie normally goes in there and takes my clothes and other things "(y/n) do you want dominos for dinner?" My sister asked knocking on my door "sure" I replied unzipping my suitcase "mums ordering it now" she said walking away. I started taking clothes out the suitcase and placing them in my draws. Then I tried to put my suitcase under my bed but it wouldn't go because there was a box there I got out the box and put my suitcase under the bed. I didn't know what was in the box I didn't even know I had it there... I sat leaning on the bed and opened the box and then all the memories came flying back. It was what harry had got me for my 16th birthday 4 years ago before xfactor even happened... He got my a box and placed loads of silly things in there.. There was also a scrap book. I took a deep breath before opening it. The scrapbook was memories of what me and Harry did.. Every time we went somewhere new we took a picture of us and write where it was and the date. The first picture was the day we met eachother and the last picture was the day he left for the xfactor. "Fuck" I mumbled to myself as tears fell down my face I sat there letting more tears fall down my face "(y/n) the pizza is here" my mum shouted from downstairs "I'm coming" I shouted back. I threw the scrapbook in the box, put the lid on then slid it under the bed "I miss you harry" I said as I got up and walked out my room

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