Part 53

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Harrys POV

"Did you speak to her then?" Niall asked when I walked into the dressing room "yeah she wants nothing to do with Me" I replied annoyed "she's just in a mood! leave her to calm down and speak to her again" Niall said smiling at me "yeah I'll do that then" I replied smiling I sat in the dressing room on my laptop looking through old pictures of me and (y/n) I missed her so much. I honestly can believe I have feelings for her. Actually feelings! Bestfriends don't catch feelings but I did. And I'm sure she did aswell "harry come get your hair done" Lou said to me as she was finishing off louis' hair I sat on the chair "so did you tell her?" She asked smiling at me "yeah and I kissed her" I replied looking at myself in the Mirror "and?" Lou said telling me to carry on " she told me she wanted nothing to do with me" I said fiddling with my fingers "ohh" Lou said with a worried look on her face "Do you want me to speak to her?" Lou asked me "if you don't mind?" I replied with a smile on my face, Lou always know how to sort things out and make people talk! "Thank you" I mouthed to Lou before I went on stage

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