Part 40

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"What you doing here?" I asked Niall and I rubbed my eyes to wake me up "oh wait. Movie night" I said straight after "exactly" Niall replied laughing "I'm gonna go my room and get changed before we head down for breakfast" Niall said giving me a hug "alright then" I said hugging him back "oh and harry said he wanted to speak to you" Niall said as he opened the door "whatever" I said as I got out of bed. Why after these past few days did he want to speak to me? He practically told me that he's tired of our friendship hence why chelsea is on your with him also. So he can have sex with her or do whatever he likes with her. I was his bestfriend, it's just going back to how it all used to be when he got famous a knock at my door "hey" I said as I opened the door with a towel on and seeing that it was Sophia and Eleanor "we was planning on going shopping today whilst the guys are doing interviews wanna come?" Sophia asked as I let her in the room "yeah sure, let me get ready and I'll meet you down in the lobby" I said as I got some clothes out my suitcase "see you there" eleanor said as they both walked out of my hotel room. This means that I don't have to go down to breakfast and see harry and chelsea all loved up, I can go out and get food with the other girls that I have gotten so close to. I got changed did my hair and a little bit of make up, put my shoes on then headed down to the lobby to meet Sophia and eleanor

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