Part 5

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"(y/n) wake up" Katie said shaking me "what" I replied annoyed "it's 11am" she said sitting at the bottom of my bed. I slowly sat up and looked at the time making sure she wasn't lying "what do you want" I said rubbing my eyes "what's this?" She said as she saw the box under my bed half out.. "What's what?" I said looking confused, she pulled out the box "nothing" I quickly said taking it from her.. I didn't want her to see the box because I didn't like it. I hated seeing the box. The memories, the pain. It hurt me. "get out" I shouted at her, she got out and I went to the bathroom took a shower then sat on my bed. I scrolled through my phone and noticed I didn't post the picture I took of my and Katie yesterday on Instagram. I got changed, did my hair and make-up then uploaded the picture on Instagram with he caption "uni life is hard, but it's what I love doing... What I love more tho is coming home and spending time with my family and specially my gorgeous sister Katie. I love you ❤️"

Harry's POV

I woke up, took a shower then went on my phone, I checked Twitter and my emails then checked Instagram and saw (y/n) uploaded a picture... She looked so much older and more mature, she even dyed her hair back brown... When we first met she had brown hair but then she dyed it blonde and I always told her she looked better with brown hair but she never listened to me... As soon as I got done with the xfactor I realised she dyed it back brown... "Harry" Gemma shouted up to me "what" I mumbled "I'm going town do you want to come? I need to buy more Christmas presents" she said "give me 20 minutes and I'll come" I replied I put my phone down then got changed, put my boots on then headed downstairs "I'll drive" I said to Gemma grabbing my keys "I was expecting you to" she said laughing

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