Part 6

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"Mum I'm going to town to buy some Christmas presents" I said to my mum as I made my way into the kitchen "oh can we come?" Katie asked me pointing at her and Courtney "if you're ready now" I said putting on my shoes. Katie put on her coat, I grabbed my car keys and bag then headed to the car. ~at town~ we went in a few shops and brought presents then courtney had to go home so it was just me and Katie "can we go in top shop?" Katie asked me "sure" I replied making my way there. We brought a few things then headed to Starbucks, as I was waiting for my drink "(y/n)" someone said, I turned around and it was Gemma "hey" I said giving her a hug "how you been?" She asked ordering 2 coffees "I've been great and yourself?" I asked her "good" she replied "drink for (y/n) and Katie" the woman behind the counter said I grabbed mine and Katie's drink "I haven't seen you in ages" Gemma said to me "I know, been so long" I replied smiling "do you want to go out for dinner sometime and catch up?" She asked me "gem" I heard someone say, I looked behind me and it was harry "I have to go" I said to Gemma kissing her on the cheek and quickly getting out of Starbucks ~Harry's POV~ "Gem" I shouted when I saw her in Starbucks talking to someone, the girl turned around and I noticed it was (y/n) as I walked towards them (y/n) quickly left before I could speak to her "was that--" before I could say anymore Gemma interrupted me "yes harry. It was (y/n)" she said "did she say anything about me?" I asked concerned "no, she needed to go" Gemma said grabbing the drinks "how is she" I asked as we walked out Starbucks "she said she's great so she must be" Gemma replied "good" I mumbled

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