Part 69

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"Me and Harry have had a rough time, we've had so many memories and so many arguments. But I couldn't be more happier that I'm marrying my bestfriend. He is the best thing that could ever happen to me and I can't wait till we have our own little family" I said crying ~harrys pov~ (y/n) done her speech and now it was time for me to tell everyone that we was expecting a baby. I cleared my throat and spoke "so.. (Y/n) and I have been friends for year and years. Even before I became famous. I always secretly liked her but I had never told anyone because it would ruin everything.. But when I finally got the courage to ask her to be my girlfriend she said yes and I was so happy. But the happiest moment is when I asked her to marry me up the top is the Empire State Building in New York when we went there for our 2 year anniversary" Everyone cheered thinking I finished my speech but I hadn't I took another deep breath "and if anyone would like to buy me and (y/n) a drink I'll drink both because she's pregnant" I said smiling so much I looked about everyone and their faces were so surprised "what?" Her mum said shocked "I'm pregnant" (y/n) said smiling "omg my first grand baby" her mum said giving us both a hug "and that why the dress was so tight" Gemma laughed saying "yep" (y/n) told her. And after that I have no idea what happened. I got really drunk and can't remember a thing after the speeches. So what happens next you'll have to work out for yourself.

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