Part 15

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After me and Harry finished talking we decided to order desert because we needed to talk more and catch up on life "so what's it like being in a band everyone knows?" I asked him "it's great, sometimes I hate it but you've got to work with the pros and the cons and get on with it" he said smiling "anything big coming up soon?" I asked him, he smiled "we're on your next year, you should come to one of the shows" he said smiling at me "maybe I will" I replied laughing. We finished eating our dessert ~Harrys POV~ "should we go?" (Y/n) asked me standing up and putting on her coat "of course" I said also getting up and putting on my coat. We walked outside and there was loads of fans there screaming my name, asking for pictures and autographs.. (Y/n) had never seen this part of my life so I grabbed her hand tight and pulled her along the the car holding her close to me aswell, "wow, your life is crazy" she said as we got in the car "if it's like that imagine what it's like when the other boys are here" I said turning on the engine, I drove (y/n) home "thank you for tonight" she said giving me a hug "you're welcome" I said hugging her back.

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