Part 10

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A few days have gone by since I saw harry, it's now my birthday 20 years old. "Happy birthday" my mum said to me handing me my presents, "thank you mum" I said to her giving her a hug "appy birthay" camera said to me hugging me "thank you baby" I said giving him a kiss, I opened my presents them the door bell rang.. I opened it and there was a man standing there with 100 red roses "miss (y/l/n)?" He asked me "yes" I replied "present for you" he said handing me the flowers over, I shut the door and walked in the living room "who are they from?" My dad asked "I don't know" I replied... I opened the card and it read: "I'm so sorry, I miss you! Happy birthday love you H xx" it was from harry. I put them in the kitchen then went to my room, I looked on Twitter and see he had tweeted "happy birthday to the most amazing girl I have ever met. This picture is 4 years old before I went on the xfactor" the picture was the picture we took when we was watching movies at my house and he wouldn't stop taking pictures, I smiled but I couldn't stare at it any longer ~few hours later~ I'm getting ready to go out for a meal with my friends from uni and Gemma. I'm wearing a tight black dress with black heels, my hairs curly and my make up is done so perfect. "You ready" my mum asked, she was taking me to nandos because I was going to be drinking tonight "yeah" I replied walking down the stairs "you look beautiful" my dad said giving me a hug "have fun" Katie said

Harry's POV

I gave Gemma a present to give to (y/n) as she's going out for a meal and then a club for her birthday "don't forget to give it to her" I said to Gemma as I pulled out outside nandos "I won't" Gemma replied getting out of the car. I hope she likes it, when we was bestfriends she always used to go on about how much she wanted it but couldn't afford it, now I have money I decided to buy it for her. I also hope she liked the roses I sent to her house and didn't throw them away

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