Part 57

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Harrys POV

I was out at lunch with some friends and couldn't stop thinking about (y/n) she as on my mind all the time. I really needed to speak to her, she always calmed me down. But because I brought chelsea on tour with me, me and her haven't spoke as often and we argued nearly everyday or didn't even speak "what you thinking about?" Ed asked me knocking me out of my thoughts "oh nothing" I said smiling at him "common tell me man" he said smiling at me, I told him everything that had happened between me and (y/n) "speak to her" ed said to me "I've tried she just walks away all the time" I replied letting out an awkward laugh ed laughed "you need to speak to her before it's too late" ed said as we finished off lunch "I need to go, last show tonight" I said as I stood up "good luck I'll see you tomorrow" ed said giving me a hug. I got in a taxi and went back to the hotel

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