Part 42

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I was at the venue for the boys show tonight when my phone rung, I got out of the dressing room and stood in the hallway "hey I miss you" Katie said through the phone "I miss you" I replied to her. "Hey I'll FaceTime you" I said As I hung up and then face timed her "hey" I said when she picked up the phone "like I said I miss you" she said "wait are you in my room?" I asked as I tried to look behind her, "yeah" she said looking around the room I wasn't even mad that she was in my room "don't mess it up" I said laughing we spoke for awhile about life "hey what you doing next week?" I asked Katie smiling "it's like the last 2 weeks of the summer holidays so nothing" Katie replied laughing "I have an idea" I said giving a smile "I love your ideas" Katie said laughing "I'm gonna book you and courtney tickets to come america for a week and I'll let you know when your flight is" I said as I sat down on the floor because my legs were hurting standing up "omg really" Katie said squealing "yes" I replied laughing "I'll speak to mum and see if it's alright first then I'll call you back" I said "great love you" Katie said "love you" I replied

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