Part 60

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"Great last show boys" I said giving them all a hug expect from harry "can we talk?" Harry asked me I stood there "come on baby" I heard chelsea say to harry "I'll meet you there, I'm talking" harry said back to her "come here" harry said dragging me to a small room "what do you want" I asked him he put his hands on my cheeks and kissed me. His lips were so soft, I had butterflies in my stomach like the first time we kissed "I love you" he said as he let go of the kiss "I love you and not in the way I always have but the way liam loves sophia, louis love eleanor ect..." He said smiling with his hands still on my cheek "I love you" I said before we kissed again We let go off the kiss "I knew it would be me and you in the end" he whispered to me kissing my neck "forever?" I asked him smiling "forever" he replied kissing me again "perhaps forever will be our always" I said laughing "forever?" Harry said smiling at me "forever." I replied wrapping my arms around his neck before we kissed again

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