Part 36

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"Come on billy they'll like you" I said when we walked into the venue to see the boys show.. I brought billy this time we had a great night last night. He made me forget about harry and Chelsea "I don't think they'll like you bringing someone they've never met before in a room" he said blushing "I've known you for 3 years. They won't mind honestly" I said grabbing his arm and pulling him in. I saw Harry and Chelsea in the sofa kissing and laughing I walked straight past them and walked to the boys who were on the other side of the room "hey guys" I said as I sat down with billy "this is billy, me and him met 3 years ago shortly after harry left, he was the one who got me to where I was today. He helped me, and this is Niall, Louis, zayn and liam" I said pointing at them all not mentioning harry at all. He smiled and shook all their hands

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