Part 59

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It was 5:30pm by the time me and El got to the stadium, she went straight in while I stood outside and spoke to some fans "is (yours and Harrys ship name) real?" A girl asked me I laughed "no we're just friends" I said "you two would make a perfect couple" a couple of girls said to me I smiled "thanks" I said laughing "well you have fun tonight, I'm gonna head in" I said to the girls "thank you" they replied "wait can we get a picture?" They asked "of course" I replied smiling at them "oh and can you give this pizza to the boys?" A girl asked me "If I don't eat it" I said smiling at them "bye" I said as I walked in the door waving at them "there you are" Lou said as I walked in the dressing room "I was outside speaking to some girls" I said laughing "oh here boys some girls told me to give these pizzas to you" I said placing the pizza boxs on the table before putting my phone on charge as it was on 11% I sat with zayn eating pizza " I need to go toilet" I said to zayn standing up. As I walked out the door harry walked in I looked behind me and he as looking at me, I just carried on walking to the toilet.

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