Part 8

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Harry's POV

I got up and walked towards the kitchen when someone knocked at the door, I opened it and it was (y/n) sister "hey" I said to her letting her in the house "hi, can we speak?" She asked "sure" I replied walking into the living room "it's about (y/n)" Katie said "what about her?" I asked in a worried voice "since coming home from uni and finding this box she's done nothing but cry. I looked in the box and saw it was things to do with you and her and she found me looking at them and kicked me out her room" Katie said "go on" I said as I knew she had more to say "I sat in her room with her and she cried her eyes out explaining how much it hurt her, you need to speak to her" she said this made me happy, she still had the box. 'She still has it' I mumbled to myself making myself smile "how? She doesn't answer the phone and I'm afraid to go your house" I said to Katie "listen, I'll get her to meet me in town because she thinks I'm at Courtney's and then you speak to her then" Katie said smiling at me "okay, but what if she doesn't speak to me?" I asked worried "she will have no choice" Katie said laughing "I'll text her now and get her to meet me in town in about 20 minutes" Katie said pulling out her phone, I quickly put my shoes and coat on then headed out the door

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