Part 21

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"that was amazing, I'm so proud of you" I said to harry as we got backstage.. "thank you" he replied hugging me with his sweaty body I can't believe how much harry had achieved, this was amazing! His life has changed so much from girls not liking him to millions of screaming girls wanting his dick in their mouths. "let's go party" louis shouted "I can't" I said smiling "why not?" Harry asked with a sad time "gotta get Katie and Courtney back to the hotel and then go to bed, I'm tired" I said as I yawned. It was almost midnight "let me take you back" harry said smiling at me "only if you want" I replied getting my bag "of course I want to" he said changing his clothes into cleaner ones "bye guys, thanks for tonight! Was lovely meeting you, good luck with the rest of the tour" I said as I walked out the door "bye!" They all shouted back. ~at the hotel~ "thank you for bringing us back" I said to harry and me and him entered my room "was my pleasure" he said sitting on the chair in the room, I got changed into my pjs, took my make up off and put my hair in a bun "I remember when we used to watch movies in bed all day and just fall asleep" harry said laughing "those were the days" I said yawning "I'll get off I can see you're tired, I'll see you tomorrow right?" Harry said standing up "yeah sure" I replied "lunch? Me you and the girls?" He said hugging me, "yeah sure" I said "very blunt" harry said laughing "I'm so sorry I'm tired" I said yawning again, I hugged harry goodbye then got into bed and slept

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