Part 23

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I'm in uni studying so hard for my exams coming up.. I'm graduating in a few weeks and I'm so nervous... Harry really wanted me to go on tour with him but I wasn't sure. I've never been to America and I would love to go, but what if me and him argued? What would I do then? And what if I miss my mum and I need a mother and daughter chat? I was so frustrated with the stress of exams and deciding wether to go with him "come downstairs (y/n)" my dad shouted to me "hold up" I said finishing of the last sentence of my revision page. I walked downstairs "what do you want?" I asked walking into the living room "I saw Harry's mum earlier and she told me harry had asked you to go on tour with him in July" my dad said looking at me "and?" I said looking back at him "you should go" my dad said smiling, my dad had never told me to do anything before, if he's telling me to do it then maybe I should "maybe" I replied "no maybes, if you don't go you'll regret it" he said holding my hand. "But it will be for 1 and half months, what if I get home sick?" I said worried "If you can go to uni 50 miles away what's the difference of going america?" He said laughing "but if anything happened I couldn't just get in my car and drive home" I said laughing "(y/n) this is a once in a life time opportunity" he said looking at me in the eyes, yes if was. It really was "ring him now and tell him your going with him" my dad said patting my back, I rung harry and told him I would come with him. He was so exited! I told him for the time being I would be focusing on my exams and graduation so I couldn't think about America much.

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