Part 11

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In nandos we got a table and ordered our food "here harry told me to give you this" Gemma said handing me a bag I sighed and took it, before I looked to see what was in it I took a deep breath. I opened the bag and there was a box in there in the box was a necklace I always wanted... Harry knew I wanted it because when we were bestfriends all I would talk about was buying it but I never had enough money because it was £258 I smiled "he remembered" I mumbled "what?" Gemma said "oh don't worry" I said smiling "do you like it then?" Gemma asked "yeah" I replied. We finished eating the food then headed to the club and got drunk ~Harrys pov~ I got home and sat on the sofa watching TV watching the time go by Gemma rung me up "can you pick me up?" She asked "sure, I'm on my way" I said and hung up it was 1am and I didn't even realise how long I had been sat on the sofa just thinking about (y/n) and life in general "did she like it?" I asked Gemma once she got in the car "by the look on her face she loved it" Gemma said mumbling "where is she now" I asked "she's gone to another club" Gemma said, I've never had the experience with (y/n) to go to an actual club and get drunk... We would normally just get drunk in her house or mine or even at parties I miss her, I missed hanging around with her "so she's having a fun birthday?" I asked Gemma as we pulled up at the house "yeah" she replied stumbling out the car

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