Part 22

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Harry's POV

"Hey" I said to (y/n), Katie and Courtney as they walked into frankie and bennys , they sat down at the table "how are you?" I asked them "good" they all replied "tired" (y/n) replied yawning. She loved her sleep, she always has. "I can tell" I said laughing. We ate our lunch then (y/n) said "we got to go, we need to go back to Holmes chapel" I look at her confused "I thought you was staying longer?" I said to her sad "no, only 2 days here" she said smiling, my face sunk. "Oh" I said looking at her "when am I going to see you next?" I asked her "whenever you want, if I'm free" she replied. I wanted her to stay on tour with me so she could experience this all with me like she should of done from the beginning "I know this may sound crazy but come on tour with me" I said to her, her face just shot up "what?" She replied "I said come on tour with me" I said to her "I heard what you said, I can't tho.. I have uni to go to! I'm graduating in June" she said shocked that I asked her "in July come with us on tour in America" I said smiling "I'll have to think about it" she said getting up from the table and putting her coat on, I hugged her goodbye "I'll see you soon ok?" She said kissing my cheek "okay" I mumbled to myself

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