Part 58

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I was walking threw the hotel when louis stopped me "hey" I said giving him a hug "I'm not going to ask, I know" he said smiling at me "thank you" I replied to him, it was great that he didn't ask how I was, I was getting fed up with people keep asking me how I am and how I'm feeling it's just annoying saying the same thing to 738292 other people "I'll see you later okay?" Louis said giving me a hug " alright then babe" I said giving him a hug back. I went into my hotel room and took a long shower then got out and stayed in my dressing gown for awhile. I sat on my laptop going threw my social media accounts replying to a few people and following a few. I looked at the time and realised it was 4pm I need to be at the stadium for 6 so I got dressed put my hair in a bun and did my make up. I tried to tidy my room as much as possible. A knock at my door, I opened it and it was eleanor "Ain't you at the stadium?" I asked her "erm I'm standing right in front of you" she replied laughing "I ment ain't you ment to be" I said laughing back at her "yeah but I was wondering if you wanted to come with me" she asked me "sure, I was just leaving
To go there give me 2 minutes to put my shoes on and I'll be right with you" I said to her and I put my shoes on

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