Part 26

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"Come on (y/n) get up" harry said shaking me. I was so tired! I've never been this tired in so long. I forced myself out of bed and went to the toilet. I then went to the back of the bus where all the boys were playing Xbox "give me ago" I said to liam who was playing louis at Fifa "sure, I'll give you $100 if you beat louis" liam said laughing "why did you say that?" Harry said laughing "what?" Liam said "offering (y/n) $100 if she beats louis" harry said I laughed "she's going to beat him, last time I played with her 4 years ago she always beat me" harry said looking at me giving me the evils "you're on" I said to liam shaking his hand. "Hahahahaha beat you! $100 now liam" I said turning to Liam, his face was so shocked! he didn't even think I could of done it because I'm a girl "wow" Niall said "you're good!" Zayn said with his mouth open we carried on playing a few games when a girls voice shouted Harry's name, I didn't even realise we had stopped. I didn't pay no attention at first because I was too busy playing the game. When I finally finished the game I looked at her, harry was getting pretty close with her. I felt jealously inside me, why did I feel jealous? I had fallen in love with my bestfriend. I can't fall in love with my bestfriend. "(y/n) this is chelsea" harry said to me sitting next to chelsea "hey" I mumbled as I got up and walked out

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