Part 38

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"Niall" I said when he changed he channel over "we are watching a different film, not titanic" I took a breath " that mine and Harry's film, we need one" I said as I got up and searched my bag for one, Niall had started to come to my hotel to have movie night ever since me and Harry had stopped talking " I can't take your bitterness anymore (y/n) talking to me" Niall said taking my hands and looking at me seeing my eyes water up " I just don't know what to think" I said telling the truth. I was confused and sad not having my bestfriend. I had to go threw it once and I wasn't prepared to go threw it again "it sucks when the person that makes you feel a lot better, makes you feel safe can also be the reason you cry" I said trying to hold my tears back Niall gave me a hug and knew I had more to say "continue" he said still holding my hands "I was thinking last night after billy came back into my life that every night comes down to the last thought in my mind and that's where my heart bongs and no matter how hard I try Niall it's always harry, I used to looked at him as my bestfriend now a mix, a mix of hate and love but everyday it always comes down to one thing and that's love... I think I love him, not the way I always have but in the way zayn loves Perrie, liam loves Sophia and louis loves Eleanor and you love food you get the point right? I'm in fucking love with harry" I said finally letting the tears fall from my eyes

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