Part 34

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"I'll really miss what we almost had harry, have fun with chelsea! I hope she gives you what it need" I said to him and walked away without looking back "(y/n) wait!!" Niall yelled running after me. I stopped and turned not letting tears drop from my face "what happened?" He asked pulling me in for a hug " I need to go to a bar and have a drink, too many feelings to deal with. He replaced me with her. I hope you guys like her cause I won't be around much" I mumbled getting out of his grip ~at the bar~ "I need a drink" I mumbled sitting down next to a handsome man giving me a smile the bartender nodded and started fixing me a drink the man next to me kept looking at me "what?" I asked laughing a little trying to make it not awkward "I'm trying to figure out why a beautiful girl like you came here alone" he answered with a smile "bestfriend stuff" I mumbled taking a sip "she found a guy?" He asked "something like that" I replied doing a shot "I'm billy grove" he said handing his hand out for me to shake I shook his hand "(y/n)" I said.. That name sounded really familiar.. " where are you from? I can tell not america" I said to him "Holmes chapel in England" he said.. That's when it hit me. It's billy. He was the one I used to hang around with when harry left for he xfactor. Billy was the one who tried to stop me doing drugs. "Omg" we both said once we noticed we knew eachother

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