Part 67

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~harrys pov~

As (y/n) walked down the isle I couldn't believe how beautiful she looked. You couldn't even see her bump which was a good thing as she wanted to to make sure the dress was one that you can't see a bump. She got infront of me and smiled, I smiled back and her dad gave me a hug. We both looked at the person who was marrying us.. "I do" I said smiling "I do" (y/n) also said smiling "you may kiss the bride" he said I looked at (y/n) and gave her the longest kiss ever. We then looked behind us and I saw my mum and her mum and dad crying. We walked outside to get some pictures "I'm so happy you have her and you're going to protect her. She's my little girl and always will be" her dad said laughing giving me a hug "I'll protect her with everything I have" I told him and gave him a hug

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