Part 20

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Today is the first day since harry became famous that I'm going to see him live in concert, I got up at 8am jumped in the shower then got ready.. Me and the girls went downstairs for breakfast then headed to the O2 to meet harry. It was 12pm by the time we got there, harry showed me around whilst Katie and Courtney were in the dressing room talking with the boys me and Harry walked in "hey again" zayn said smiling at me "hey" I said smiling "(y/n) this is lou, she's our hair stylist and make up artist" harry said pointing at a gorgeous girl in the corner "hey" I said to her shaking her hand. We sat backstage for a few hours talking and before I knew it, it was time for harry to go on stage "good luck" I said hugging him and going to our seats. "I'm so exited" Katie said jumping up and down I just laughed, "want a drink?" I said getting up " a coke please for both of us" Katie said smiling, I quickly went and got our drinks then came back just in time to see the show

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