Part 44

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I texted my mum and Katie to tell them I booked the tickets and Katie and Courtney and due to fly out in 2 days "we can speak now if you want" I said to harry as I walked over to him "I can't right now" he said as he was talking to chelsea "whatever" I said as I walked out the room in a mood, he wants to talk to me but now he dont? Whatever! I walked onto stage where liam, zayn and louis were messing about "hey" zayn said to me as I walked towards them "hi" I replied sitting at the bottom of the stage with my feet dangling off. "Speak to us" louis said sitting down next to me "how's things with you and harry?" Liam asked sitting the other side of me "great" I said with a fake smile "don't lie to us, we know you two ain't on good terms atm" zayn said patting my back "I'm just not in the mood to speak right now" I said standing up. I went in the dressing room and packed my laptop into my bag and then left the room ~Harrys POV ~ I saw (y/n) pack up her laptop then walk out the room "(y/n) wait" I shouted to her as she was walking up the hall she stood still "what" she said in an angry tone "let's speak now?" I asked her, she looked at me "no harry. Not now. I'm busy" she said walking away "but" I said before she interrupted me "no but. Leave me alone" she said walking out the venue. I didn't understand what was wrong with her. I needed to see if she was okay but we had a show we needed to get ready for "come on harry 10 minutes until show time" Paul said to me and I walked back into the dressing room "okay" I replied getting Lou to do my hair

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