Part 43

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I phoned my mum up "hey mum, is it okay if I buy Katie and courtney tickets to come America for a week to hang out with me and the boys?" I said "of course it is baby" my mum said down the phone "I'll book them in a minute and I'll text you what day I've booked them" I said as I stood up and started walking towards the dressing room "cameron wants to talk to you" my mum said "hey baby" I said to cameron "I miss you" he said laughing down the phone "I miss you too baby, I'll see you soon yeah" I said to him and I sat down in the sofa in the dressing room "put mummy back on the phone love you" I said as I got my laptop out "I'll book the tickets now and I'll text you what day I've booked them for" I said to my mum as I got up the plane ticket prices "alright darling love you" my mum said "I love you see you soon" I said to her before hanging up ~Harrys pov~ "I love you see you soon" I heard (y/n) say down the phone before she hung up, I wondered who she was speaking to. She was on her laptop looking at something but I didn't want to ask what "hey can I speak to you?" I asked her as I sat on the sofa next to her "not right now, I'm busy" she said looking at the laptop "oh okay" I replied as I got up for the sofa and walked over to see what the boys were doing "maybe later" she said across the room still looking at the laptop "alright" I mumbled under my breath

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