Part 39

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"Hey, you get some rest ok? I'll make sure you sleep. I won't leave until you've fallen asleep" Niall said laying me down I kicked my lips dry and layed down "lay with me?" I asked Niall pulling him down "fine" he said laughing ~ Harrys POV ~ I was annoyed that me and (y/n) had sorted everything out now we're not even talking. I hate that! I miss her. I can't have it be like it was before. "Come to bed" chelsea said to me as I was sitting on the chair in the room on the laptop "not now, I need to go see her" I said referring to (y/n) I got up from the chair and went to knock on (y/n) door.. I took a deep breath before knocking on the door. "Hey" Niall said opening the door "wait, is this not (y/n)s room?" I asked with an confused look on my face "yeah, she's asleep. Speak to her tomorrow" Niall said "but what are you doing here?" I asked him "you've forgotten haven't you?" Niall said rolling his eyes at me "forgotten what?" I asked with a series tone in my voice "The 'movie' nights that you two have every time you get to a new hotel" Niall said "fuck" I mumbled. I had forgotten, every time we got to a new hotel in a new place the first night we would always watch a movie whether it was the same or not. Titanic was her favourite film! She loved it so much, she still does. "Are you staying here with her tonight?" I asked Niall "probably why?" He replied "tell her I need to speak to her when she wakes up" I said as I turned around "will do" Niall said closing the door. I went back to my hotel room and then went to sleep

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