Part 45

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It's been a few days since I last spoke to harry, I hadn't left my hotel room at all. I haven't spoken to any of the boys or girls! I just locked myself in my room and refused to leave. It was time to go pick up Katie and Courtney from the airport, I got my things together then headed down to the lobby to wait for my taxi "where are you going?" Liam asked me "the airport" I replied as I saw my taxi outside "wait what? Are you going home?" I heard harry said, I looked behind liam and saw harry standing there with chelsea "no just picking someone up" I replied with a fake smile "who?" Harry asked "just someone, I'm late I need to go" I said as I got up from the seat and headed outside to the taxi ~Harrys POV~ I wanted to sort this out with (y/n) not speaking to her actually killed me. I messed up and I needed to apologise but she was meeting someone at the airport and I had no idea who.. Maybe it's the person she was on the phone to the other day and on the laptop doing something "come on let's go" chelsea said to me pulling me outside, we had the day of so me her, liam and Sophia were going out for lunch and then to do some shopping. I couldn't stop thinking about (y/n)

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