Part 49

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I was on the tour bus talking to eleanor when harry spoke "can we talk?" He asked "okay" I replied. I needed to Listen to him. "What?" I asked as we went in the back room "what's going on with us?" He asked with an concerned look "I don't know you tell me" I replied "I miss you" he said "well looks like it" I said giving a fake smile ~Harrys POV~ "well looks like it" she said to me with a fake smile "come on what's wrong" I asked her "what's wrong? What's fucking wrong? You really want to know?" She asked shouting " yeah I do" I replied "right, you ask me to come on tour with you as we just made up after not speaking for 4 years then you decide to bring chelsea on tour aswell like what the fuck? I thought this was going to be just me and you. And not have that slag with us. You completely ignore me when you are around her. I hate it!" She shouted at me she took a breath then carried on "it's fucking not ok. It's not, you know what why don't you go your own way with that slag and I'll go mine. I've met someone and he's so much better than you'll ever be. He treats me like I'm the only girl in the world he treats me the way YOU USED TO treat me" before she could carry on liam walked in "everything okay in here?" He asked (y/n) stood up "fucking perfect" she said walking towards he door "(y/n) wait" I said standing up grabbing her shoulder "get the fuck off me and leave me alone" she shouted at me before walking out the rooms

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