Part 63

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I booked into my hotel room, it was the honey moon suite as me and Harry will be coming here after the wedding for the night. ~harrys pov~ "how exited are you for tomorrow?" Zayn asked me smiling "words can't explain" I told him laughing "it's just.. It's just he best thing that can't happen to me" I explained. "So tomorrow nights the night you get her pregnant then" louis said joking "haha yeah" I laughed awkwardly as I knew already she was pregnant and we was going to tell everyone tomorrow at the reception. She's only 15 weeks and we find out next month what she's having... Not only am I getting married to my bestfriend I'm also having a baby with her. It's so beautiful. "Want a beer?" Niall asked with a beer in his hand "go on then" I said laughing "sooo" liam said laughing we all laughed and just talked the rest of the night before finally getting to sleep

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