Part 32

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On the bus u grabbed my suitcase then waited for the boys so we can head to the hotel together as we're staying at this place for 3 days and it's boring staying on the bus the whole time. Niall walked in "he best not forget out traditional movie night" I said laughing knowing he wouldn't forget it "he won't forget" Niall said smiling, every time we got to a new place the first night in the hotel harry would always come to my room and we would watch Netflix and eat food "ready to go?" Zayn shouted in the bus I got my suitcase and left the bus... At the hotel I got my room key and headed to the room to prepare for our movie night.. It was around 11pm and harry had no come yet "maybe he's asleep" I thought to myself, but just incase I went to check, I knocked on his door and Chelsea answered "Harry's not here, he's gone to get stuff for our cosy night" she said smiling "do you want me to tell him you was here?" She said giving me another smile "oh no, it's fine. Don't mention me! You two have fun tonight" I said before walking off back to my room. I sat on my bed and cried... He had forgotten it. It's like the xfactor all over again. I didn't want to think like that again so I'll just put it as he just forgot because the stress he's going threw

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