Part 7

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I couldn't stand there and see harry let alone hear his voice, it ruined me. I got in my car and drove home "I need petrol fuck" I mumbled "here there's a garage there" Katie said pointing across the road. I got the petrol then headed home ~at home~ I put all the shopping bags in my room then went downstairs and spoke for a little while with my mum about how life at uni is and how much I missed her... I heard a bang in my room and quickly run up there to see Katie looking at the scrapbook inside that box "get the fuck out" I shouted at her and slammed the door behind me. How could she? Why would she? "I know you miss him" she said on the other side of the door "fuck off" I said sitting behind the door crying "(y/n) I know you miss him, even tho I was only 10/11 when he left I miss him too" Katie said "you don't fucking know him like I do" I shouted "then let me in and we can talk about it" she said in a soft tone. I unlocked my door and let her in "why don't you ring him and speak to him" Katie asked me "I deleted his number" i said... I deleted it because I didn't want to hear from him because he didn't speak to me for years after xfactor so what's the point in me keeping in touch? And I changed my number so he couldn't contact me "you find his number and you ring him" she said hugging me "no I'm not doing the chasing" I said looking down at my feet "it's your 20th birthday in 3 days what you doing for it?" Katie asked me... "Going out with some friends" I replied with a smile on my face "promise me before your birthday you contact harry and speak to him" she said laughing "I can't promise anything" I said as I sat up "It's (y/n) birthday in 3 days" I said to Gemma who was sitting on the sofa catching up with TV "I know, I got invited to go out for a meal with her" Gemma said looking at me, "oh right" I said in a sad tone looking at the TV "do you know if she still has the present I brought her for her 16th birthday?" I asked Gemma "I'm not sure, what is it?" She asked me.. I felt abit cringy saying it because it's the sort of thing couples do... "There was a box and inside it had random things we brought in places we visited and a scrapbook of pictures of us at the places.. Last picture as far as I'm aware is a picture of me and her the day before I left for the xfactor" I said. I sighed and then said "she threw it away, I know she did... Why would she keep it after all these years?" I said to "don't think like that" Gemma said looking at me "it's true" I said getting up and walking away

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