Amajiki Tamaki: The Red String

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Hey~! Sooo, some of you did cry on the last three-part shot. I did some self reflecting and thought, 'Oh gosh, did I really put in a lot of feels in that?' I'm so sorry! >.<

So yeah, it's time for me to give y'all some fluff this time! And what would be the best boy here than our precious little elf? Enjoy! Oh, and sending all my hugs to those who got hit hard with the feels in Lost~! (σ≧▽≦

An Amajiki Tamaki x Reader. Soulmate AU! Fate decides to make a move in your life, and uses a red string for a big change!

Additional key to remember:

(F/N)—friend's name (female again)



"Red String of Fate?" you exclaimed in disbelief as you watched the video playing on your friend's phone. Ever since you arrived in school, she suddenly comes to you and asks you to watch this video of a news article.

[The phenomenon believed to be fictional, was just claimed to be actually real, as there are some people who declared to have seen a red string suddenly attach to their finger, and lead them to their fated "soulmate".

Could this be the cause of a quirk? Or is the Red String of Fate actually a real phenomenon currently happening? We now turn to some of the citizens we interviewed who claimed to have encountered this said phenomenon—]

You closed the video just as the interviews were starting, your best friend whining in front of you. You sighed, placing your chin on your palm.

"(F/N), come on. Do you seriously believe in that stuff?" you raised an eyebrow at her. "You know there are things called 'fake news' happening around now."

(F/N) pouted. "There's nothing wrong with believing! I mean, well, I have this friend, who knows someone who says their cousin said they encountered the Red String! They said they just saw it appear on their finger, and thought it was a prank or something."

"Well, what if it is?"

"Well, they said nobody else could see the string besides you! And it wouldn't disappear until you find your soulmate!"

"And what if you cut it?"

"They say you can't! I mean, the only time the string would be cut was if the relationship 'doesn't work out' anymore!"

You sighed again, still not believing what you're hearing from her.

"See, that's the thing! You know how most of the relationships today doesn't work out anymore. It's all just a one-time thing now. Romance, isn't easy, and I don't see how just a red string can make you believe it's that easy."

(F/N) pouted again, narrowing her eyes at you.

"I don't see why you're getting stubborn now," she grumbled. "Isn't it because. . . you're feeling bitter?"

You scoffed, shaking your head. Me? Bitter?

"Seriously?" you spat out a chuckle. "(F/N), it's not that I'm bitter. It's more like, I believe in logic and that soulmates, or whatever it is couldn't possibly be decided by a string."

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