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Late Bloomer | Reader Insert | BNHA by Teffeneh
Late Bloomer | Reader Insert | BNHAby Queen
She was a little rosebud that needed to be watered and bask in direct sunlight. Unlike the rest of her peers who bloomed beautifully, she grew weary of her strength and...
  • anime
  • iidatenya
  • aizawashota
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Ticked Off [Boku No Hero Academia] by Xenolis
Ticked Off [Boku No Hero Academia]by Pipistrelle
• ON HIATUS • Izuku and his classmates are Pro Heroes in the future. He's twenty-eight when he gets into a battle against a villain that had been getting away with murde...
  • allmight
  • bakugoukatsuki
  • timetravel
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Nutricula   by MidoriDeku
"Why don't you take a swan dive off the roof? Maybe you'll get a Quirk then!" So he did. And he did. ☣Disclaimer☣ I ripped this straight from Chrysanthos on Ar...
  • midoriyainko
  • eraserhead
  • izukuhasaquirk
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Adventures of fem deku by harsha2000g
Adventures of fem dekuby Sriharsha Gollamudi
Midoriya suddenly became a girl and his.... sorry..... her friends like this.
  • bokunoheroacademia
  • bakugou
  • uraraka
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Blank Hero by SeasonallySweet
Blank Heroby Setsuna Tokage
Midoriya Izuku A quick-witted teen who's quirk will likely be the death of him is thrown into the hero course. - Against his will, he might add in. He doesn't even want...
  • midoriyaizuku
  • midoriya
  • bamfmidoriyaizuku
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Cold Fire (Todoroki!Dabi x reader) by IrenesDiary
Cold Fire (Todoroki!Dabi x reader)by アイリーン
Touya todoroki is Endevor's eldest son. He was a friend, and soon became my boyfriend. It was after our junior year at UA that everything changed. My names _____ Bakugo...
  • bokunoheroacademia
  • dabixreader
  • todorokishouto
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Lachlan Lad (BNHA Fanfic)(Boyxboy) by QuixoticQuill
Lachlan Lad (BNHA Fanfic)(Boyxboy)by Quixotic Quill
Midoriya Izuku has a lot of secrets. The origin of his quirk, the fact he was quirkless, and his love for a certain gravity-defying girl. His half-brother is not one of...
  • fanfiction
  • villain
  • quirk
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Within My Mind | !Depressed Izuku |BakuDeku by kiri_uwu
Within My Mind | !Depressed Izuku...by Kiriuwu
Izuku Midoriya finally makes it into UA hero course! Struggling with depression, he realizes that every time he looks at Katsuki Bakugou, he sees something different. Li...
  • katsukibakugou
  • dekuxkacchan
  • deku
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『 Sugar 』 Shoto Todoroki by uknownroad
『 Sugar 』 Shoto Todorokiby Toga Himiko
[ you remind me of sugar.... so sweet and addicting I can't get enough of you.] Mature Content Todoroki Shoto x Reader
  • animexreader
  • eijirokirishima
  • todorokishouto
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Plus Ultra by xXSandraXxxXMariaXx
Plus Ultraby uwu
Izuku's mom dies and his father goes missing when he is only 3. Izuku's mother Inko and Izuku's father Hisashi were really close friends with the top 1 hero All Might. L...
  • midoriyaizuku
  • quirk
  • quirkdeku
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Rain by ju7393
Rainby Juana Vargas
Katsuki and Izuku were caught in a rain storm on their way to UA. They were the only two at the school at the time. All of the students had been informed that classes...
  • random
  • onesidedlove
  • bokunoheroacademia
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Exchange Student from Hero Association by blackcat_413
Exchange Student from Hero Associa...by Min Chan
What happens when a student from an unknown city came into Class 1-A of U.A. High? What happens when this student claims that there is someone who is as strong as the nu...
  • onepunchman
  • todoroki
  • kirishima
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Mightless by TheMysteriousBanana
Mightlessby The Mysterious Banana
⭐️[BNHA AWARDS 2019 NOMINEE]⭐️ It was the final straw. Izuku had been denied by his mother, his classmates, and now even his idol, All Might. Instead, He turns to the Vi...
  • villaindeku
  • bokunoheroacademia
  • anime
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Enouement (BNHA x Reader) by LadysDaze
Enouement (BNHA x Reader)by LadysDaze
All your life you had been plagued with strange and vivid dreams of the future, making you live your life as cautiously as possible. However, despite how careful you had...
  • shinsouxreader
  • hatsumemei
  • midoriyaizuku
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Prince Merman by Rosama1803
Prince Mermanby Green tea
the description is in the book!!!! this story about katsudeku. hater can ignore.
  • bakugokatsuki
  • midoriyaizuku
  • midoriyainko
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Secrets// Villain Deku Fanfic by Midowo
Secrets// Villain Deku Fanficby Midowo
//My Hero Academia Villain Deku Au Fanfic// ~Cover made by Meri-Chan~ (Lol probably not gonna continue I'm sorry) What if Deku hadn't received One For All? What if Deku...
  • deku
  • bokunoheroacademia
  • dekuxbakugou
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A Meme A Day - Kiribaku {BNHA} by PorcelainSky
A Meme A Day - Kiribaku {BNHA}by ☆Sky☆ {semi-hiatus}
Boarding school is bullshit. High School is bullshit, and Bakugou Katsuki wants nothing to do with it. Doesn't give a shit about grades or homework or any of that crap...
  • mha
  • todorokishouto
  • wattpride
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3 PM | Tododeku by xXNyanToastXx
3 PM | Tododekuby ❥ ❥ ❥❄️❄️
After Midoriya Izuku's death, Todoroki Shouto is distraught. He attends classes as normal, but barely cares. His eating becomes less due to grief and blame. Until he see...
  • midiriya
  • midoriyaizuku
  • izuku
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BNHA {Preferences/One-shots} by Celticscarf
BNHA {Preferences/One-shots}by Celticscarf
Requests are open!~ Hello Sunshines, I finally gathered the courage to do this, but it will probably flop, more details inside~ Boku No Hero belongs rightfully to Kohei...
  • kaminari
  • denki
  • bakugo
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Erasure by Zytriex
Erasureby BNHA TRASH >:D
BNHA X READER "Every single one of us has a Hidden Abbility...." - In which a girl named Y/N, A strong and calm girl who has the same attitude has her father...
  • anime
  • deku
  • shouto
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