Bakugou Katsuki: And Yet. . .

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Soo, I was chilling here in my house doing random stuff out of boredom, when suddenly, reality slapped me in the face and I realized: "Oh fuck, it's Valentine's Day."

And so! I bring you this oneshot! Bring out the hearts and sparkles!

A Bakugou Katsuki x Reader. What were you supposed to be doing in hearts day?

Additional key to remember: (F/N)—friend's name


Valentine's Day. A day especially dedicated to showing love to your loved ones, but also to your significant other.

In your case? It's a day especially dedicated to eating a lot of chocolates and staying cooped up in your house, watching cheesy romance movies until you fall asleep.

At least, that's what you thought you'd be doing. But instead, here's the current situation. . .

Wise men say. . .

Only fools rush in. . .

But I can't help. . . Falling in love with you.

You slowly swayed side to side, brows furrowed, lips pursed in a pout. All your thoughts and plans of relaxing for the whole day went down the drain as you were now outside, wearing a red dress you were forced to wear, and silently cringing as you listened to countless love songs bursting in the speaker. The cause of all this? Your best friend who just happened to have her pre-wedding party right this day.

I was supposed to make a whole pot of hot chocolate today. But nope. Cross that off my list.

"Tch." you slightly flinched upon hearing your partner click his tongue. You peeked up at him, studying his furrowed brows, scowling face, unruly blonde hair he didn't even bother to fix, and glaring crimson orbs aimed at the floor.

Shall I stay?

Would it be a sin?

If I can't help. . . falling in love with you.

You really didn't intend to invite Bakugou Katsuki in the first place. It just so happened that at the same time your best friend had called you and "forced" you to come to this party, you also had no choice but to pull the enranged blonde along, in fear that if you came alone, she would start setting you up with random strangers.

And now, here you are, slow dancing with him while you count down the remaining time you have in your head. Whilst the male you were with, had been shooting daggers on both of your feet, trying his best to stay calm and move along with you without stepping on your foot.

"Katsu," you called, using the nickname you had for him since the day you two became close friends. "You're too stiff."

"Shut up! It's fucking annoying to do this!" he screamed, earning some glances from the other couples dancing.

You sighed. Maybe it really wasn't a good idea to get him to come.

Actually, you first thought of asking Midoriya, also one of your close friends from U.A, to come with you. But the poor boy had been so busy with his being a hero ever since he was recognized as the new symbol of peace. And so, you went to the other choice in your list, which was him.

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