A/N: I'm sorry I just need to get this out

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*sigh* First time I'm going to do this but I just need to get a lot of things out of my chest.

Yo, how have y'all been doing?

It's been a while, huh? Heck, it's been a really long time. Y'all might expect this to be a oneshot, but today, I apologize. I just need to vent out.

So lately, a lot of shit happened in my life. Since starting my OJT in an animation training center, I've been busy as hell. Not to mention, I had to work on my group's thesis and I had a lot of tests to take care of. For past weeks, since November up to December 14th, I've done nothing but schoolwork, and OJT stuff. I lacked sleep and I was always tired.

I have been ignoring a lot of things as well, especially here in Wattpad. I didn't open it up until the start of Christmas vacation so a lot of the notifications have piled up. I've been inactive in my social media accounts as well.

Since becoming busy, I couldn't handle the stress that kept on piling up with each day. I was overwhelmed with the pressure my dad gives me regarding where I would go to college the next school year, a close friend of mine was gradually falling into depression, and a lot of other dramas with my other friends.

It's all so overwhelming that I broke down at least three times. I locked myself a lot in my room during those times, crying and wishing for it all to go away so I could have some peace. Anxiety filled me, and I couldn't handle it anymore. During my OJT, my friend kept noticing that I was always out of it whenever we took breaks. Always staring off into nowhere for whatever reason. I didn't know myself why I was like that. I was so. . . tired.

I vented out with this same friend on the way home from OJT late at night, and she worried about me. Of course, it helped me that I got to talk to her about it, and she admitted that she was worried. But once I got home and went into my room, this awful thoughts invaded my mind and I began to fear waking up the next day.

*Breathes deeply*

Alright, I just wanted to rant. All of these were so unfamiliar to me, and I knew I had to deal with this before it turns worse. I didn't want to worry my friends, so I kept most of it in.

I apologize if this is different than my usual updates but I just thought that I should explain myself to you all for not keeping up with this story and being gone for too long. I'm so sorry.

If you think this is annoying or I'm just trying to gain your attention for more reads, then please just ignore this. I am writing this out of full honesty. If you don't like this kind of talk, then feel free to skip this. There's no need to throw more trash talk back at me.

Welp, that aside, I am still trying my best to keep up with updates, and the requests. I'm planning to write a Christmas special with one of the requests I received. Don't worry, I'm okay now. I've pulled myself together and am more determined to make sure you're entertained with my oneshots.

For those of you who took their time to read this, thank you so much. I appreciate you all and hope you'd understand my side. Please continue to give your support for this book even with the super slow-ass updates and unstable author.

Until the Christmas special update. Peace yo!

—Rika ^w^

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