Todoroki Shouto: Stay (3)

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Oh gosh, is this gonna end up like Lost? Oh well, here's part 3!

Again, this is a double update, so make sure you check the parts first before reading!

A Fox Spirit!Todoroki Shouto x Reader. How long can one person hold on to the one they cherish the most?

WARNING: There will still be mentions of bullying!


You woke up upon feeling the warm rays of the morning sun hit your face. Your eyes fluttered open, staring up at the ceiling in a daze.

Did I just. . . dream all of that? Was what you thought, and wanted to believe. But the moment you felt a weight holding you by the waist, a warm breath tickling your neck, you were brought back to reality, with memories of last night flashing back in your mind.

You turned your head to the side, red locks tickling your nose and cheek. Then, your eyes caught sight of the soft, sleeping features of Shouto. He looked so in peace, as he held you in his arms, pressed so close to you.

Sadly, his closeness made you too flustered, that you shot up from the futon with a red face, pushing off the poor, slumbering male.

"Uwah!" You exclaimed, looking at your surroundings, then to the opposite male who was already stirring awake. H-How did I even end up sleeping here last night?

"Good morning," his husky, morning voice floated through your ears, making your heart skip a beat.

"Y-Yeah," you stuttered, feeling your body tense up. "S-So, uh, w-why am I here?"

"You fainted from too much shock last night," he said with a straight face. "Again, I apologize."

"N-No, it's—" realizing that you still had to go to school, you straightened up. "Wait, what time is is it?!"

You scrambled to your feet, but before you could even stand up, you felt a hand stopping you then pulling you back. You pressed a hand onto the futon, stopping yourself from smacking onto Shouto's almost bare chest (his kimono had been slipping off his shoulders as he got up).

"Where are you going?" He asked, tilting his head in curiosity.

"To school, of course!" You answered, trying to stand up again, but he still kept his grasp on your hand.

"What's a 'school'?"

"It's a place where kids learn things. Now, please let me go!" You had successfully ripped your hand from his, pulling yourself away so you could finally stand. But as you were leaving, you noticed how his eyes softened, lips dropping in a frown, his fox ears drooping.

Nope. Don't give me that look. You sighed, rubbing the back of your head.

"Look, I'll still be going back after, so it's not like I'm leaving forever," you said. "So, stay here. Help around the house or something."

The mention of your return made his ears perk up. Wow, he's like a puppy.

"Will you really be coming back?"

"Yeah, yeah, I promise. Now, I have to go get ready. Later!"

You ran out of his room to prepare for school. After bathing and shoving on your uniform, proceeded to the kitchen. There you saw your grandmother putting up your breakfast on the table, and your grandfather reading newspaper while sipping on coffee.

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