Amajiki Tamaki: Say It and I'm yours

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Hookay! Finally managed to publish a oneshot! I've been stressing a lot these past few days because of all the torture in school. I feel like we've been having tests like, everyday? *pulls on hair frustratedly*

But now! I am glad to say that it's our holiday break so I have more time to publish stories! Wiiieeh~!

Anywhoo, this was request byyy Pieridot5XG! Thank you for this! So sorry if it doesn't really match with the one you requested but after I read it, it reminded me of something I read a long time ago and got me inspired so I wrote this along with the request you had. I hope you enjoy this!

An Amajiki Tamaki x Reader. How did you end up being a wingman (or woman?) for this adorkable elf?


From behind a corridor, dark optics watched your figure as you walked along the hallway with your friend, Hado Nejire. He admired the big smile on your face, your laughter echoing in his ears like smooth music. His lips pressed together, hands clenching the edge of the wall he's been hiding in, cheeks dusted a faint pink.

"Whatcha doing there, Tamaki?" his heart almost burst out of his ribcage the moment he heard Togata's voice right next to him. He whipped his head to the side, seeing his blonde childhood friend peeking his head out through the wall, a creepy gesture for him to do.

"M-M-M-Mirio. . ." he stammered his friend's name, racking his brain for any possible reasons he could say as he was already caught red-handed.

Togata chuckled, phasing through the wall completely. Amajiki turned away to give him time to put on his clothes. He glanced back to where he saw you, but was disappointed to find that you weren't there anymore. His ears drooped a little, something his blonde friend didn't fail to notice. A smirk crawled its way to his lips.

"So, you're stalking (L/N)~?" he teased, causing the ravenette's cheeks blossom with pink.

"N-No, I'm not!" he stuttered, flailing his hands around in denial. Togata laughed, patting him on the shoulder.

"Aw, no need to hide it. I've known about it for a long time now!" he grinned. Amajiki's shoulders drooped, an adorable pout on his features. Was I really that obvious?

"Who's hiding?" that familiar voice he dreaded to hear made him want to die on the spot. His whole body froze, head slowly turning to see you leaning so close to him, (E/C) optics twinkling in wonder.

"(Y-Y-Y-Y/N)!" a bead of sweat rolled down his pale cheek. Just as he turned his head to where Togata had been standing, all that met his gaze was a pile of clothes, but the blonde was nowhere to be seen.

M-Mirio, you—! Amajiki pressed his lips together, turning back to you as you remained in your position.

"What are you doing here, Tamaki? Oh, and I thought I heard Mirio's voice too. . ." you wondered aloud, tilting your head to the side, a gesture the ravenette found quite adorable.

"U-Um, I, well, I-I was. . ." Amajiki glanced down at his friend's forgotten clothes, forming up a plan in his mind.

"I-I'm gonna go bring Mirio's clothes back. See ya!" he picked up the said items, striding away from you with his bangs veiling his flushed face. You stared at his fleeing figure, feeling quite down as you wondered if he was avoiding you.


"That was real smooth, Tamaki. Real smooth," Togata teased his ravenette friend, who was slumped down on his desk, a thick, gloomy aura surrounding him. Hado Nejire stood beside the male, looking at him with wonder in her eyes.

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