Bakugou Katsuki: 24 Hours with a Brat (Christmas Special)

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Heeey, sooo after that dramatic author's note, here's a floofy Christmas special oneshot requested by Moontail13. I apologize if it's kinda not like you requested, but I had to change it up a bit since it clashes with another request, and I had an idea about that already.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy reading my Christmas gift to y'all!

A Bakugou Katsuki x Reader. After being unable to control your quirk properly, Bakugou gets to deal with the consequences.

Quick background of your quirk before starting:

Quirk: Maxi-Mini

Description: User can change and adjust their own size (or height, to put it simply). However, they had to put up with it for at least 24 hours before they can change back to their normal size. Changing heights simultaneously may result with the user unable to change back to normal in a few days.

(In short, it can be a really annoying quirk pffft)


Bakugou wondered to himself as he went down from his room one night, seeing all of his classmates huddled together by the living room. He quirked an eyebrow, his hand immediately going forward to grab someone nearby to be questioned—that someone happened to be Kirishima.

"Oi shitty hair, what the hell is happening?" He asked in a low growl, not wanting anyone else to hear him concerned about such a thing.

Kirishima blinked, as if he just heard something weird that Bakugou said.

"Eh, so you haven't heard?" He exclaimed in disbelief.

"What the hell are you going on about? Is this something I should know?"

"Totally dude!" Kirishima glanced at his huddled classmates, then back at him.

"You see, (Y/N)—"at the mention of his girlfriend's name, his eyes widened, fingers flexing as he let out a small but loud explosion from his palm.

Hearing that sudden sound, his classmates grew quiet, glancing back to where they were.

"Ah, Katsuki!" A small voice called out his name. From the crowd, a small body squeezed through, revealing what Bakugou already anticipated to see.

There you were, standing in front of the ash blonde, your body shrunken to that of a child's own. With just a simple glance at you, Bakugou already knew what had caused you to become this way.

"Wha—(Y/N)?!" He exclaimed, you flinching in surprise. Even though you had gotten used to his loudness at your normal size, being this small made it seem like his voice could shake even the ground.

Bakugou crouched down to your level, studying you. Under his observant gaze, you felt nervous. He knew about your quirk a long time ago, and that you were unable to control it very well. You were used to him scolding you, but now, with the reason you have, you felt like his reaction would be worse than usual.

"So? What the hell did you do this time?" He asked in a calm, but in his usual foul-mouthed tone. Kirishima tried to tell him to tone his language down, but the ash blonde ignored him.

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