Kirishima Eijirou: Nothing Ever Changes

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Requested by xxAlaniParisxx. Hope y'all enjoy it!

WARNING: Angsty scenes up ahead. . . and mentions of human trafficking.

A Kirishima Eijirou x Reader. There are some flowers who prefer to stay and bloom in the dark.


From behind the thick, velvet curtain, you could hear them. The voices of the people shouting out prices for the item they desired. Well, from what they're doing, you wouldn't even want to consider if they're still 'people'.

All you saw was darkness, having the inability to even talk nor move from the constraints on your body. The metal cuffs around your arms, legs, and even your neck making you fidget uncomfortably from how tight they had to put it on you because of your earlier attempts of struggling. The cuff on your neck, as well as the gag in your mouth, limiting your every breaths.

From a distance, not really that far from you, you could hear the pained and terrified whimpers of the other victims. Their cries only made you more furious at the bastards who did this to you.

From the age of 15, you lost your family years ago for reasons you couldn't remember anymore. You settled in your life as one of those homeless people. You seeked shelter from that one alley where you only had an old hamper as your bed, and a few stuff you stole for yourself.

One night, as you were finally falling in a hopefully peaceful slumber, you were awoken by a set of footsteps approaching you. Having been aware of spending the night outside as a 15-year old, of course you didn't drop your guard. The first thing you did, as you sensed a presence nearing you, was swing the dagger you'd been holding to them.

You attempted to make a run for it, only, as you were getting to the exit, did you saw a few more suspicious people awaiting you. They had you surrounded, and, being the quirkless person you are, with only a dagger as your only weapon, were easily surrounded. Amidst your struggles to escape from them, here you were, behind the stage of one of the notorious group of human traffickers.

You've heard rumours about them. Their usual victims were females, ranging from 13 years old to above. After they captured you, they actually kept you for a few days. But, the only thing they did was lock you up in a cage, and treat you like an animal. If ever you try to fight with them, you would only end up getting beat up.

You guessed, that after those few days, they finally got to put you to use for the scheduled auction they'd be having this very night. You heard them talking about how you were their rarest find, placing you as the last item in their lots of other girls.

Before you were restrained and caged, you caught sight of the other victims with you, assuming that most of them were either your age, or much older than you. Poor them. It must be more terrifying for them. I bet they were just trying to go home, but ended up in this hell hole.

Indeed, you were the one of the youngest. You admit, you did felt fear the longer you stayed in the dark, listening as the auction from out the stage progresses. The anxiety of eventually getting pulled out and presented to the audience, where some trashy people would most likely be interested to buy you and have their way with you. The mere thought sent shivers down your spine.

You started to question your very existence. Why did I end up with this kind of life? Is the world really that mad at me? Your ears rang with the cries and begs of the other females, as they were pulled onto the stage one after another. The next thing you knew, the girl next to you was out, and you were left alone in agony.

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