Kaminari Denki: Please Shut your Mouth

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Hookay! I wrote something again! Heh. I've been practicing more on drawing and the buttload of schoolwork just can't leave me. But! I've finally got the time, watched anime and caught up on my load of mangas I haven't read yet and wrote this! Cheers to my unorganized-but-still-can-manage schedule!

A Kaminari Denki x Reader. Kaminari just couldn't keep his feelings in check for you!


Alright dude, you got this. There she is, just walk right up to her, ask her out, and wait for her response. Be smooth, don't mess this up.

Kaminari Denki repeatedly chanted words of encouragement inside his head as he watched you talk with your friends while fixing your stuff. To be honest, he had been planning to talk to you since morning, but things happened, and it seemed like he couldn't find the right time to even talk to you. It always ended up with him backing out of nervousness, a sudden activity in class, or you just gone somewhere else.

And now, as the school day ended, he was feeling more nervous. But at the same time, he was determined to tell you what he'd been dying to say to you before you go home.

If only he wouldn't be so nervous.

You were already right there, in his line of sight, in the same classroom as him (well, you are classmates), but he still seemed frozen in place, the anxiety he felt as he thought of what he'd do if he would look like an idiot in front of you, or even your reaction, it made him want to back out once more.

But this was Kaminari Denki! Known to be somewhat of a flirt (even though his ways would be too awkward or corny), yet when it comes to you, all that image he built in himself seemed to shatter. You had caught his interest ever since he saw your skills in the first hero-villain activity with All Might. At first, he thought he admired you because of your quirk, which was quite similiar to him. But, once he came to know you more, as time passed, he felt as if it was not only your quirk he admired. He found himself often staring at you, the way your eyes would sparkle whenever you'd get fired up with hero training, your smile, your laugh. Basically your everything. Before he knew it, he had fallen for you.

You and him are friends, but lately, you haven't been hanging out much. He noticed how everytime school would end, you would pack up your things quickly, and leave. It seemed to him that you were in a hurry, and he wondered why.

He hadn't found the chance to ask you about it too, because by the time he would, some coincidences happen and he'd be held back.

Going back to the current situation, Kirishima had noticed the stillness of his blonde friend. He caught him standing by his desk, golden orbs focused solely on you, looking to be in a trance. The spiky redhead sighed, knowing about the opposite male's failed attempts of approaching you for the whole day.

He tapped Kaminari on his shoulder, bringing the said male out of his thoughts.

"Still haven't asked her out?" Kirishima asked, Kaminari's lips dropping to a frown as he shook his head, heaving out a frustrated sigh. Kirishima's eyebrows furrowed in concern, wanting to help his friend but he didn't exactly knew how.

"Look, she's still here, right?" his ruby orbs glanced to your direction, seeing you already packed up and ready to leave. You waved your friends goodbye, walking towards the exit. "If you're still planning to, you have to ask her out now, while she's still in the campus."

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