Bakugou Katsuki: Don't Look

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Aw yeah! My first one-shot requesto wiiiieeeee~!

I dedicate this to Jelly-zero. Thanks for this idea again, Jelly-chi~! And to y'all readers, don't be shy and comment your requests away! Hehez

A Bakugou Katsuki x Reader. How will our dear reader handle her unavoidable anxiety?

WARNING: Angsty scenes up ahead!


You know that time where there's a situation you couldn't avoid, and people just tell you, "It can't be helped"? That one situation where you wished someone would just understand you, and say something more different than that one, common phrase.

You hated that word, to be honest. You hated that it "can't be helped". You hated how your anxiety is just. . . unavoidable. You hated how it's so hard to handle. You hated how you even got it in the first place. You hated how it became a shackle. You hated how those words spoken by him were the reason why you were dragged down by this said shackle.

Bakugou Katsuki.

Since your childhood days, you'd known him, having to go to the same school as him. You also met Midoriya Izuku. You saw how he's so blinded with his pride. You saw how Midoriya put up with his arrogant, explosive character. You saw how he would look at you everytime your tried to protect Midoriya from his constant bullying.

"Katsuki, stop it! Izuku didn't do anything wrong!"

"Don't butt in, (Y/N)! This has nothing to do with you!"

"I wouldn't 'butt in' if you would stop hurting him! That's not what heroes are supposed to do!"

You remembered how deep his glare was, how it was focused only on you. You remembered how Midoriya cowered in fear, tears trickling down his cheeks as he watched you get pushed down by him.


"Zip it, nerd!"

You remembered how your arms shook as you supported yourself, your shoulders trembling with fear. But you couldn't let him see how scared you were at the moment.

"You think you're so strong now? You think you can protect this shrimp? You can't! Because you're weak, (Y/N)! I'm stronger than you! I'll become a hero, and you'll never, ever, beat me!"

Those words felt like a thousand knives stabbed straight through your heart. Nevertheless, you never really hated him. No. You just hated how he was right. You were weak, and those words he said, were forever buried inside your heart. He was the reason for your anxiety, yet you never hated him as a person.

Even as you grew up, you stuck by him. Midoriya too. Though, you have grown a bit distant, yet your relationships as childhood friends never left. Your anxiety, however, never left as well. For years, it grew and grew, up to the point where you refused to use your quirk anymore. Your parents encouraged you, Midoriya even. Though, those words went through deaf ears, for you still refused. You couldn't do it. You didn't have the strength to use it.

That anxiety wasn't about your quirk only. You'd also grown afraid of people that it affected your social life. Only Midoriya, who had been with you until middle school, and Bakugou, whom you'd interacted just occasionally—these two are the only ones you weren't afraid to look at.

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