Kirishima Eijirou: Scribbles

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I watched a drama series earlier. Fudge, it almost made me cry. And! I got inspired with writing this as I was washing my clothes~ hehez

Please tell me if I made Kiri boi OOC here. Also, I'll add in Shousuke-kun, your cute little brother that's an OC of mine~! If you don't know him, refer to Kotatsu Hibernation, where he makes his first entrance!

A Kirishima Eijirou x Mute!Reader. Living in a world with a condition like yours, someone decided to be your knight-in-shining-armor!


"Ah, (L/N)-chan was the one who broke the vase!"

"Yeah! I saw her push it down earlier!"

Unable to utter a protest, you were only left with the choice of pressing your lips together. Your elementary school teacher looked at you, as if even she was also blaming you for the mistake you didn't even do. Tears pricked the corners of your eyes as you furiously shook your head, running out of the room as fast as your legs could carry, ignoring your teacher's calls of your name, but not the whispers of some of your classmates.

"Haha! Look at her running away again!"

"What a wuss. She couldn't even say anything. Oh wait, she doesn't even know how to speak!"

From his chair, a certain, red-eyed ravenette eyed the empty seat in front of him, a seat that belonged to you. He searched his eyes for the kids who just made the accusing statements earlier, finding them whispering to each other from a few rows ahead, snickering as they talked about you.

His eyes narrowed, lips dropping into a frown. He couldn't stand it when someone makes fun of a person's disability, even using that to their advantage so they can blame their mistakes on the disabled. He rose his hand up, determined to make them learn their lesson.

"Um, excuse me, teacher. . ."


You have successfully escaped from your teacher and the rest of your class, hiding yourself within the peaceful vicinity of the school library. The librarian didn't seem to mind your presence and just left you alone, as she was used to your often visits to the said place. You were never a bother. In fact, in most of your visits, all you did was pick a book, go to your favorite spot then read quietly.

You sat on the far corner of the room, hidden behind a row of bookshelves. This was where you'd always hang, with a book and your bag that you always brought along, slung around your shoulder. It didn't really bother you that you were skipping classes and staying in the library. Not even your teacher bothered too. After all, it doesn't even affect your studies and your grades, always maintaining high marks as you studied by yourself.

A normal, average 8-year old would've had lots of friends, played with them, experienced a lot of fun things a child your age would have, but not you. You were born differently, rendered with the inability to speak. Nevertheless, despite of this condition, you tried your best to fit in with the other kids, determined to become friends with them.

Sadly, the world isn't just fair to you. Even as you did try to express your feelings to your capability, without having to talk, every kid you had talked to found you peculiar. They looked at you like you were some sort of, extraterrestrial creature. You could hear them, yes. But speaking out your feelings was the problem. You tried to let out your voice and just force yourself to utter just a single word, but all that came out was a whimper, and high-pitched yelp. Everyone else ended up just laughing at you, pointing their fingers, calling you names.

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