Kirishima Eijirou: Somehow (New Year's Special 2)

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Eeey, another new year special, and this time, you'll be with this rock boi huehue~

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A Kirishima Eijirou x Reader. Kirishima wants to do something just to make you smile on this unfortunate day.


You stared out of the window of your room, sadness and disappointment glazing over your eyes. It was New Year's Eve, yet here you are, stuck in your bed with a nasty cold. You thought it'd be alright, but the cold weather did little to no help in your recovery at all.

You were supposed to go out with your boyfriend, Kirishima Eijirou, to the festival and watch the fireworks with him. You were so excited, already planned out what you would wear, and what you'd do with him at such a joyous event.

Welp, 'joyous' my ass. Your parents wouldn't even let you step out of the house, on account of your condition. Even though you insisted that you were feeling fine, as your cold wasn't that bad anyway.

You rolled over onto your side, curling yourself into a ball as you buried yourself under the warmth of your blanket. Eiji would be so disappointed if he finds out that I have a cold. Your eyes softened. Well, it's not like this is the first time. Something bad always happens to me whenever I get excited over something.

You reminisced on your memories. The time when you were in elementary school, you had joined the relay race, but then backed out when you accidentally slipped off the stairs in your school and ended up with a sprain the day before the sports festival.

In middle school, you were chosen to be one of the lead roles in a musical play as part of a class project. Unfortunately, you strained your voice and someone had to stand in for your role the day of the play. Plus, you weren't that good in singing anyway, so you always wondered why you were chosen as one of the lead roles.

And now, the most current time, you catching a cold the day of your special date with your lover. Honestly, I'm so sick of having to deal with this every time. You wanted this to be memorable, so you could celebrate the end of the year with the one you wanted to be with. Alas, your misfortune just had to kick in, therefore ruining your excitement.

You felt like this jinx wouldn't even leave you. It wasn't your quirk or anything, but it made you feel like the world itself gifted you with such a curse. How ironic. Gifted with a curse.

You sighed, feeling your throat itch as you let out the sound. Your eyes glanced down on the framed picture of you and Kirishima, taken back when you were in middle school, as the best of friends you started out to be. You smiled softly, your hand reaching out to the frame. Your fingertips grazed around the former black-haired male's face, wishing in your mind that he was here in person, so you could feel his warmth reassure you.

Throughout the times you've been with him, he was always the one who did anything to make you smile. Whenever you were tired from studies or hero training, he would accompany you back to your house, and cuddle with you until you could relax and fall asleep. He was such a ball of sunshine, another addition to the precious people in your life.

You wanted to somehow make up to him for everything he's done for you, and this festival date you had planned was supposed to be it. You wanted to be the one to make him smile now. You wanted him to feel just how grateful you are—as a friend, and now a lover.

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