Bakugou Katsuki: Pumped up!

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Just wanna warn y'all. This chapter contains spoilers. If you still haven't watched the U.A Sports Festival Arc, I suggest you read the manga or watch the anime.

A Bakugou Katsuki x Reader. This explosive boi sees an opponent in our dear reader?!


This is the day. The day everyone had anticipated. That event so big that it's even broadcasted in tv nationwide. It's the day of the U.A sports festival.

You heaved a deep breath, calming your nerves as you stood with your classmates on the center of the stadium. Different classes had been introduced by Present Mic, and the first event of the day had been picked—an obstacle race.

As you listened to Midnight explain the rules, you kept your focus on the upcoming event. So, we just have to run around this stadium and avoid obstacles? Hm, seems pretty easy, but since this is U.A, I think they've already planned a hell of an obstacle throughout the whole course.

Midnight finished the explanation, and Present Mic had ordered you all to get into position. You readied yourself as he counted down, looking up at the exit that will lead you to the course.

3, 2, 1, GO!

Everyone started to dash through the exit, hurrying to get outside and proceed to the course as fast as they can. However, just as soon as they entered the tunnel leading outside, they all slowed down as they got squished together. You, yourself included.

You gasped as you were pushed and sandwiched between people. You tried to squeeze yourself out, but you kept losing your balance. You saw your fellow classmates from Class 1-A in the same situation as yours too. You struggled to break free from this, hearing yells and curses from the other students as they pushed and shoved each other.

You were beggining to breathe heavily from the lack of air because of the squished bodies. That is, until you felt this wave of coldness brush through you. You looked down on the floor to see ice covering it, some wrapping around the other students' feet, trapping them on the ground. You saw a flash of red and white as Todoroki Shouto, one of your classmates, ran put of the crowded tunnel with ease, his feet leaving a trail of ice with each of his steps.

As Todoroki came out, then followed by Bakugou, Aoyama, Yaoyorozu, and Kirishima.

"Take that!" Bakugou yelled, blasting away from the trail of ice with his explosive quirk.

"Naive, Todoroki-san!" Yaoyorozu exclaimed, using a metal pole she created to pole-vault her way out of the narrow tunnel.

"I won't let you get away!" Bakugou yelled again, increasing his explosions to go faster. "You half-and-half bastard!"

You watched as Ojiro blocked Todoroki's sheet of ice by jumping with his tail, brushing past him was Tokoyami, supported with his quirk, Dark Shadow. Mina jumped on the ice, spurting out acid from the soles of her shoes. Though, the acid melting the ice away made it slippery as she had a hard time controlling her balance.

Some people had already came out of the tunnel, now struggling to keep up their pace with the ground covered in ice. You saw Midoriya, trying to keep his footing as he was slipping on the ice. You, on the other hand, were still inside the tunnel. Though, as you observed ahead, you noticed that the crowd had thinned out. An idea flashed inside your head, one that would help you squeeze your way out and catch up with your classmates.

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