Todoroki Shouto: Stay

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Time for me to enjoy my last week of vacation        (・∀・)

My brain: School's starting. School's starting. School's starting. . . ミ●﹏☉ミ

Anywho, here's a somewhat feels-stuffed AU for y'all! ^w^

A Fox Spirit!Todoroki Shouto x Reader. How long can one person hold on to the one they cherish the most?

WARNING: There will be mentions of bullying!


You sighed to yourself, your entire body exhausted. The bruise on your cheek stung as the rays of the afternoon sun hit your skin.

This sucks. What would grandpa and grandma think? You rubbed the back of your head. Should've gone to the infirmary before. But, either way, it'll still be noticeable.

You might be wondering how you got the bruised cheek? Well, going back to a few minutes before you left the school, a bunch of girls from your class came up to you. They started accusing you of things you didn't even know about. Of course, you having been used to these accusations and their constant picking, all you could do was deny them.

Unfortunately, as you expected, they didn't buy it. So instead, they left you a few threatening words, and a slap on the cheek from one of the girls. You didn't bother having to fight back. You didn't see a reason to. If you did, you'd only make the situation much worse.

But, why is it that you were being picked on in the first place? Flashback to a month ago, where you met a guy who said that he was into you, and wanted to ask you out. You being the naive girl, you accepted him a couple weeks after. But that's when things started turning out wrong.

Ever since you started dating the said guy, who was rather popular in your school, you've been hearing rumours from the other girls. Mostly, ot course, were bad. Because of these, they've started to get the wrong idea of you. Having been away from the popular side of your school, you certainly didn't expect that all eyes would be on you this suddenly.

The other girls who were opposed to you, who started these said rumours, started calling you names, whispering behind your back. You didn't do anything. After all, you knew of the truth yourself; that you weren't any of those names that you've heard them call you.

But that's not all. Not long after your relationship with the guy, you've started noticing how he's changed all of a sudden. His attitude slowly went from the typical romantic type, to being cold and ignorant of your presence. You didn't know what was wrong. You didn't even know if you'd done something that made him like this. That is, until you found out the truth yourself.

Turns out, he wasn't really serious with you after all. He was actually just using you in order to make the girl he's madly in love with jealous, and eventually be able to steal her heart. Even before you could even break up, you discovered that he had been successful with his plan, and now the two of them are together.

Having known of this horrible truth, at first, you were heartbroken. Of course you would. Then, you were enraged. How could he? He used you. Played with you as if it was no big deal at all.

One day, after you've had enough of the truth, you decided to confront him yourself. You found him by the hallways, his arm around the girl he's replaced you. Seeing him like that, it made your vision go dark, your mind fogging with nothing but rage. Before you knew it, you strided over to him. Regardless of the presence of his new 'girlfriend', you swung your first, giving him a punch so hard that it actually knocked a tooth out of him.

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